Our story

Family of 4.5 (littlest one due in October!)

Hi I’m Sarah Rous, owner + teacher + student at Henham Yoga Studio. This is our story of how the yoga studio came into existence. It is a space created with a lot of love, and we hope you enjoy it.

My husband Hektor & I undertook the renovation of the Henham Barns in 2016, transforming what was an enormous derelict storage barn into a beautiful space for events and weddings. The yoga studio was created above the kitchen and bar space, and was purpose built. Being a yoga teacher, I knew exactly what we needed to prioritise to make it the best possible space to practice in.

An alternative pilates reformer! Building work underway in 2015 
(before cameras on phones took decent pictures)

However, as always life did not work out that smoothly – my husband and his building team were so quick that the studio was finished way sooner than I anticipated, on Christmas Day 2016.

Complete! Shiny new studio for New Year 2017

Mentally and physically (my daughter was a year old & I was pregnant again), I was nowhere near ready to take on ownership of an amazing new yoga studio. It was an intimidating space & I was worried about not doing it justice. It took a year and a half of putting in the finishing touches, purchasing yoga props and hosting yoga events before I taught regularly at Henham Yoga Studio. 

Yoga & Fitness event January 2017
Strala yoga class led by Sally Nelson
We squeezed 53 yogis in!

Finally in September 2018, Henham Yoga Studio opened its doors properly, with several yoga instructors teaching beautifully, and the option of class passes.

Since then we have welcomed two popular weekend retreats led by senior yoga teachers, numerous workshops and a multitude of different types of classes including Qi Gong and Dance Fit, plus a lot of wonderful yoga.