May 23, 2020

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This website is not intended for children and does not provide any predicted result or guarantees from partaking in an online class. You understand that your use of the services provided by is on an “as is” and “as available” basis.


Please note that we offer exercise & wellness videos which may make demands on your fitness & health. You need to take responsibility for seeking medical advice if you are unsure about the appropriateness of any of the exercises for you.

We do not offer a personal service (or injury advice) so you must ensure you are participating at the correct fitness level for you. If it any doubt please consult your doctor.

By using our website you are assuming all risk of injury, if you are not happy with this please desist from engaging with our content. You are specifically waiving and releasing any claim you may have (at any point in time) for injury of any kind, mental or physical, against or any of our instructors. We cannot provide a guarantee that you may not be injured by taking one of our classes.

To our utmost we attempt to ensure all information we convey is correct and helpful. We do not accept any liability from outcomes arising from following information hosted or linked to on our website.

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