What about the people who come to yoga class? Yoga studio websites always talk about the teachers but never profile the students.
I am eternally grateful for the beautiful souls who show up to class and radiate positive energy.
In the Suffolk countryside it isn’t always easy to get to class, the studio can be far away and the weather very off-putting! But once you are there, you can be assured a warm welcome from the friendly faces who come to practice yoga and improve their day.
The social aspect of yoga class cannot be underestimated – its a chance to get to know like minded folk in a non-pressurised environment. Coming together and breathing in unison facilitates little chats with the person next to you on the mat after the class ends.
So I have created Student of the Month profiles to honour my regular yogis. Who knows, if you come to class you might be lucky enough to practice next to them!
Sarah x

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