November: meet Gary

Gary Broughton

November’s amazing yogini is Southwold resident Gary.

  • What was your first yoga class like?

It was beach yoga in Southwold last summer. A lovely, memorable combination of surprisingly strenuous exercise, warm sun and the chance to meet a nice bunch of people (plus a very friendly dog). I’m not usually keen to set an alarm for Saturday morning but I loved my intro to yoga and became hooked immediately!

  • Why do you do yoga?

For people like me who spend a lot of their week at a desk or behind a steering wheel, yoga is a perfect form of exercise: developing strength, improving flexibility and realigning posture. I also love the calming spiritual side of practising yoga – certainly something I’ve appreciated.

  • What do you think about the fact that 82% of yogis are women?

Several of my male friends say they’d like to do yoga, “should” do yoga or have heard about its benefits. But I suppose their mental picture of yoga is probably a room full of tall, thin, super-flexible ladies standing on their heads. While there’s a *small* element of truth to this, I love trying different forms of exercise and have benefited so much from this one (though I’m nowhere near standing on my head – yet). So I can heartily recommend blokes take the chance and give it a try!

  • If you had to pick a favourite yoga pose what would it be?

Can I have a joint-favourite? I love twists like triangle, which makes my back feel really stretched and loose, and balances such as half moon, which still feels a bit of an achievement every time I manage to avoid falling over.

  • And what is your least appreciated yoga pose?

Head stand: all attempts so far have been dismal failures but I believe an odd-shaped head might be to blame. (That’s my excuse anyway.)

  • If you won the lottery (say £10 million) what would you do?

Upgrade my boat, sail around the world and return home to a happy life of pottering around Southwold doing arty things. And lots of yoga, naturally…

  • If you close your eyes and imagine your ideal holiday, where do you picture yourself?

A warm, quiet, remote island with my family and dog (which means it wouldn’t be quiet for long – may need to rethink this answer). Oh, a good pub would be appreciated, and a boat to sail.

  • You make an ultimate playlist. What is the first track?

I’m terrible at making playlists so I mostly ask Alexa to find one for me (ridiculous?). At the moment “Relax & Unwind”, “Chilled Classical” and “Daydreamer” seem pretty high on our list.

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