Henham Yoga Studio
Hello and thank you for stopping by. My name is Sarah Rous and I coordinate and teach at Henham Yoga Studio. Please read on for a little history and explanation of our much loved yoga studio and what the space can offer you.

My husband Hektor & I undertook the renovation of the Henham Barns in 2016, transforming what was a derelict storage barn into a beautiful space for events and weddings. The yoga studio was created above the kitchen and bar space, and was purpose built. Being a yoga teacher, I knew exactly what we needed to prioritise to make it the best possible space to practice yoga in.

Yoga Studio at inception

However, this is not quite as it sounds – Hektor built the yoga studio for me and it was finished way sooner than I anticipated! Mentally and physically (my daughter was 15 months old and I was pregnant with my son), I was nowhere near ready to take on ownership of an amazing new yoga studio. I was too worried about not doing it justice. It has taken a year and a half of putting the finishing touches to the space, purchase yoga props and hosting yoga events before I decided to host classes at Henham Yoga Studio.

Getting there!
Complete! Christmas Day 2016

When you arrive at the studio, there is space downstairs to leave your shoes and a loo on the way up which is available for use during class. The fragrance of incense or essential oils scents the room. There are twenty dimmable downlighters in the ceiling to provide light, and atmosphere is created from electric candles and the Suffolk red bricks visible in one corner beneath twinkling fairy lights. Sonos speakers provide bass to the music used during class, and four original windows provide light and views to the parkland outside. We installed double the recommended heating to ensure it will be a pleasant 20 degrees at all times. After many years of teaching in lovely but freezing village halls, I’ve learnt warmth is an essential requirement!
We hope we have created a beautiful space for you to feel welcome to come and practice yoga with us. Newcomers or advanced yogis, it does not matter as yoga is non-competitive and all levels are catered for. Mats and props are available for complementary use. Props include buckwheat bolsters, local hand made lavender eye pillows, extra long straps and blocks.

The first class at Henham Yoga Studio, a Strala Yoga class of 53 (eek!) yogis, led by Sally Nelson